When customers perform a search for your company, what do they see on the first page of the Google results?

Chances are a search might include websites with negative content about your company. Negative websites can hurt your brand and decrease your company’s revenue.

Don is offering a free evaluation of your company’s current online reputation and a detailed proposal of recommendations you can immediately implement.


Who is Don Sorensen?

Don Sorensen is an internationally recognized expert in online reputation management and search engine optimization. Over the past 15 years alone, he’s helped a multitude of direct sales companies address search engine results. Learn more about him in our video below.

Online Reputation Evaluation

For your free online reputation evaluation, Don will review the following items related to your company …

  • Google results 5 pages deep

  • Google suggest search terms for your brand and products

  • Forums with negative reviews

  • “Scam” related videos created to siphon your customers

  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube profiles

  • Negative social media postings

Online Reputation Recommendations

After Don evaluates your company's online reputation, he will create a list of recommendations.

  • Specific websites that are affecting your company’s online reputation

  • How to optimize your social media profiles

  • 20 ways to increase your social media frequency

  • How to respond to online complaints

  • How to properly setup your website reviews section

  • Basics of search engine optimization for your website

  • Public relations activities you should be pursuing

  • Using major media to improve your online reputation

  • Websites that will help you monitor your online reputation

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